DU Soirée Event Stylists consists of talented wedding designers and planners that are experts at creating signature styled events with ease. In life there is always an occasion worth celebrating, in a style synomous to you, precisely designed to meet your needs and made deeply memorable by a team you can trust.

All jewel hued, this celebration; a Moroccan inspired Auckland Henna Ceremony we planned and coordinated. This beautiful summer celebration was filled with bold strokes of color! With lovely deep fuchsia peonies, accented with light blue hydrangeas for florals, that were found draped around the entrance and arches at the venue, alongside gilded Moroccan lanterns. This framed the beautiful caricature of the couple and their welcome sign. There was so much to revel in awe, on the beautiful lawns at Markovina Vineyard Estate that day, all of which, was exquisitely captured by Logan West Photographer. This full gallery is not to be missed.


The venue’s grounds offered the perfect canvas, to frame the dance stage from Modular Floors with Raj Tent Club NZ’s glamorous cream tents in different shapes and sizes, which lined the lush green lawns. The tents fulfilled the couple’s theme and offered the practical ease for guests to have their henna done while enjoying the many performances and appetizers. Fuchsia and tangerine lined the cream tents to add to the jewel hues which was balanced against a lot of cream with gold accents. All the tent decor had a Moroccan feel, while incorporating texture and details using dull gold accents seen in candles holders, brass trays and teapots, that were displayed on the outdoor center tables.


For the couple their henna celebration, to be a day of pure joy and color, which it was. So everything from food, drink to entertainment had a real family celebratory affair where Kiwi, Indian and Bengali traditions were shared. A mix of modern European with South East Asian cuisines were offered, so guests could enjoy both worlds. The amazing MC and DJ services by DJ Areeb kept the guests entertained all through the night, along with the many beautiful cultural performances from the couple, bridesmaids, groomsmen, family and friends. It was truly a fun filled, colorful family extravaganza of pure joy!



Unique aspects of Farihah and Wayne’s Moroccan inspired Henna Ceremony:

Both Farihah and Wayne had bold and grand entrances; with the groom coming on a well-dressed white horse surrounded by family, friends and drummers (Dhole Players) from Bollywood Bhangra NZ, all dressed in colorful revelry. While Farihah dressed in a beautiful sari sat on a gold palanquin carried on the shoulders of her family members into the venue, which was flamboyant and absolutely glamorous.

The beautiful bags and personalized boxes with the couple’s caricature; we filled with scarves, bangles and accessories, for their guest favors. These were all laid on beautiful wooden carts on the lawns.

Children were not forgotten on the day. So sweet favors for kids and adults alike were made available with a lolly cart and custom made lolly bags by us, which read “Love is Sweet”. Right beside the cart, was a station of plated of Bengali palette cleansers. This brought perfect balance to the western and the traditional aspects that the couple shared.

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We thoroughly enjoyed coordinating and styling this tropical wedding inspiration, with a talented group of wedding suppliers to offer an elegant bold hued affair, that was selected to be featured on Bride and Groom Magazine’s Spring 2017 issue. The theme of the shoot, “Tropical Charm,” couldn’t have been more perfectly executed, at the lush tropical landscape location of dense fern, bamboo and tropical plants at the West Lynn Garden & Butterfly House, set the backdrop to our shoot inspired by the rich green hue, of forest green – 2017 Pantone wedding color. To this backdrop, bold punches of royal blue, fuchsia and tangerine tropical features and colors were styled in the florals, cocktails, napkins, cake and invitation suite. We mixed tropical amazon features tastefully with Spanish colonial period features. A beautiful balance of the old and new was put together to give a modern charm. Sweet Events Photography brought it all to life, and the enchanting photos are waiting to charm you away right here.

Photography: Sweet Events Photography
Videography: True Mirage
Styling & Florals: DU Soiree
Venue: West Lynn Garden & Butterfly House
Wedding Dress: DU Bridals
Suit: Working Style
Jewellery: Jewellers Workshop
Hair & Makeup: Nikki Milina using MAC Cosmetics
Stationery: Sunny & Swoon Design Studio
Cake: Cherry Cake Company NZ
Hand Dyed Ribbons: Feathers & Stone
Props: The Pretty Prop Shop
Models: Mathilde Perrier & Forrest Axford


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With a growing trend of an “ah so natural look” from décor to shoes, the romantic minimalistic approach is really in and no wedding cake or sweet treats are spared. Wedding cakes this year have taken a minimalistic modern approach to the different shapes however they are amped with subtle hints of luxury, achieved through marbling and natural effects drawn from nature. Our mother earth is becoming a great source of inspiration this year we have found, where luxurious stone effects are painted onto wedding cakes in every colour and shade of marble.

While marbling creates a luxurious chic look, if a bit of drama is what one is after; then drizzled cakes done with toppings in chocolate, salted caramel or white chocolate can be just what one could be looking for.

Marbled or drizzled cakes this year are reveling with accents of nature’s glory, when it comes to being accessorized from wild greenery, vine leaves, herbs, garden flowers and fruits that celebrate passion, such as figs, passionfruit or pomegranates. Should a more contemporary look be what you seek, then gorgeous macrons, a bit of gold leaf, chocolate scrolls, chocolate shavings, popcorn or meringues are just a few of the many fun and exciting pieces, that can be added.

This organic approach with subtle hints of luxury or drama are really creating stunning masterpieces for this year’s wedding cakes. So let’s take the humble wedding cake this year from traditional to contemporary shapes, dressed in a subtle direction with a swift artistic hand, using a hand of drizzle or marbling or just a bit of both. Cake is no longer an ordinary affair.

Dont tell charles Blog

Cakery – Don’t tell Charles

Miss Lady Birdcakes Blog

Cakery – Miss Ladybird Cakes

Mudgee Made Blog

Cakery – Mudgee Made

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The days when the women in a wedding retinue took center stage are changing.  What was once a trend seen last year among the bride and her bridesmaids of mismatched colors and textures is reflected this year with the groom and his groomsmen, moving from a traditional tux to playing with color variation, expanding to include texture to celebrate their own sense of individuality from old school classics to eccentric charms.

The suits or low key waistcoats can include variation in the same color to give a cohesive elegant feel or in contrasting colors or complimenting shades. This can extend towards mismatching accessories to even the lining. To keep things creative and on a budget this trend can work by selecting a style and color palette, leaving the rest up to the groomsmen by allowing them to use exiting well fitted suit pieces they have to keep things on a budget and practical.

This trend is really fun and doable when planning a destination wedding, where different complimentary suits come together to be a cohesive palette on the day and will be a lot easier to organize. We are loving how these trends showcase each of the groomsmen unique personalities and style.

So never underestimate the beauty of imperfection as it has a lot to offer – style, personality and a lot of spunk!

Chic vintage brides blogPhotography – Katherine Ashdown

LovemyDress blog

Photography – Eclection Photography

Project Wedding blog

Photography – Ryan Ray

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Valentine’s Day is just a night away and all us partnered or with secret admirers are expecting to be whisked with milk baths, chocolates, roses and candlelight dinners. Cliché as it sounds, none of us would ever give up on the opportunity to be showered with any form of affection in the very hectic world we live in.  So let’s begin by thanking St. Valentine for the increase in rose sales and for giving everyone a day to declare their love!

Not known to many or to St Valentine, is that Valentine’s day is one of the top four days where the greatest declaration of love is being made. It is, the day when your special someone gets on one knee and says the words “Will you marry me?”. The gushing, the excitement and adrenaline is far from the day’s greatest build up to finding that one perfect ring. The task is not easy as the choice is endless! Ask us as we help many a young man or woman fulfill their greatest wedding proposal with our service Amore .

The numero one question every proposer asks us is, what is the right engagement ring? We all know the four perfect “C’s” cut, colour, clarity and carat but everyone is searching for that irrevocable ring that is the truest representation of the person they bestow it to. Take for example Carrie Bradshaw in Sex in the City, when her beloved Big B presents her with an eye-popping 5 carat black diamond ring and tells her “because you are not like anyone else”, at that moment there wasn’t a dry eyed soul in the theatre. Engagement rings are synonymous for needing to be special and unique.

As rhetoric as it sounds diamonds reign supreme, with Diamonds continuing to be a girl’s best friend, with rings that have a centre stone with side stones being the most preferred look, however there is a slow but tiny revolution of non-diamond precious stones like emeralds, morganite and sapphire rings (heads up to our own Duchess of Cambridge’s 12 carat sapphire and diamond engagement ring). The classic setting called the prong setting is still most favoured, with white gold followed by platinum being the most favoured metals of choice. Mixing metals such as rose gold, yellow gold and white gold are trending too.

Keeping with the fads and trends, an engagement ring must also be a unique representation of the bond you share with each other. We always find vintage stores a great place to start for inspiration. Look for beautiful curves or straight simple lines to give inspiration from different periods. Just looking around the place you live will give inspiration to the different types of other precious stones and metals to use like Pāua or moonstone.  Today many stores offer custom made designs, where you can select the stone and later come in to have the ring designed and have the setting placed, giving you room not to make the wrong call if design is not your forte. Heirloom jewellery too adds a special touch to the day, with little additional touches a jeweller can add to make it significant to each wearer from generation to generation. A new forging trend with many of us having a bit of a travel bug in us, is to have rings inspired from nature and fauna of the land where the couple had travelled to, showcased in the ring design.

So make an inspirational declaration we say. Talk to your boutique jewellers to create something you specially designed for your soon to be better half and she or he will love you for all the effort you took. Enjoy the ride and journey, as we wish every man and woman the very best in finding their one unique ring of love. May every declaration of love be filled with spasms of excitement, joy, laughter and many a great celebration. From the DU Soirée team we wish everyone a very…

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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