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The days when the women in a wedding retinue took center stage are changing.  What was once a trend seen last year among the bride and her bridesmaids of mismatched colors and textures is reflected this year with the groom and his groomsmen, moving from a traditional tux to playing with color variation, expanding to include texture to celebrate their own sense of individuality from old school classics to eccentric charms.

The suits or low key waistcoats can include variation in the same color to give a cohesive elegant feel or in contrasting colors or complimenting shades. This can extend towards mismatching accessories to even the lining. To keep things creative and on a budget this trend can work by selecting a style and color palette, leaving the rest up to the groomsmen by allowing them to use exiting well fitted suit pieces they have to keep things on a budget and practical.

This trend is really fun and doable when planning a destination wedding, where different complimentary suits come together to be a cohesive palette on the day and will be a lot easier to organize. We are loving how these trends showcase each of the groomsmen unique personalities and style.

So never underestimate the beauty of imperfection as it has a lot to offer – style, personality and a lot of spunk!

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