DU Soirée Event Stylists consists of talented wedding designers and planners that are experts at creating signature styled events with ease. In life there is always an occasion worth celebrating, in a style synomous to you, precisely designed to meet your needs and made deeply memorable by a team you can trust.

With a growing trend of an “ah so natural look” from décor to shoes, the romantic minimalistic approach is really in and no wedding cake or sweet treats are spared. Wedding cakes this year have taken a minimalistic modern approach to the different shapes however they are amped with subtle hints of luxury, achieved through marbling and natural effects drawn from nature. Our mother earth is becoming a great source of inspiration this year we have found, where luxurious stone effects are painted onto wedding cakes in every colour and shade of marble.

While marbling creates a luxurious chic look, if a bit of drama is what one is after; then drizzled cakes done with toppings in chocolate, salted caramel or white chocolate can be just what one could be looking for.

Marbled or drizzled cakes this year are reveling with accents of nature’s glory, when it comes to being accessorized from wild greenery, vine leaves, herbs, garden flowers and fruits that celebrate passion, such as figs, passionfruit or pomegranates. Should a more contemporary look be what you seek, then gorgeous macrons, a bit of gold leaf, chocolate scrolls, chocolate shavings, popcorn or meringues are just a few of the many fun and exciting pieces, that can be added.

This organic approach with subtle hints of luxury or drama are really creating stunning masterpieces for this year’s wedding cakes. So let’s take the humble wedding cake this year from traditional to contemporary shapes, dressed in a subtle direction with a swift artistic hand, using a hand of drizzle or marbling or just a bit of both. Cake is no longer an ordinary affair.

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