(Part Wedding Planning, Design & Styling)

This works best for a couple who wants to plan or has planned parts of their own wedding and should you need help in areas you are uncertain of, we can provide the assistance and guidance needed to ensure your planning is successful. This service does include styling and designing, with on the day coordination. This is a really suitable approach for those couples needing that flexibility, allowing couples to add as much or as little as they need and having the freedom to enjoy their day. An added bonus is we have our own in house floral team, that you can access or we can source a florist to meet your needs.

Every detail planned on the day is given, every bit of care and attention, with all your personal touches managed by us to make sure that your wedding will be every bit as enjoyable, as you have envisioned it to be

For more details on this service and for any inquiries do,  say hello we’d love to hear from you. We would love to listen to all your ideas and see where we can help you best create your planned vision.

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