(Add On Services)

We like to take styling and design up a notch, by offering these add on features that will be a highlight at your, wedding or event. With our qualified team of specialists, we channel these services through design, meticulous research and innovative concepts. Here are some of our services that you can add to your wedding or event to give that added touch of finesse.


Floral Installations & Displays

For couples or those wanting to add to their event or space, we create amazing floral installations to artistic visual displays that add the “wow” factor. It can range from a massive 6 foot floral centerpiece to a sculptural piece, with artistic or ones with a cultural aspect for a wedding or an event making it even much more memorable. We do the research, sketch, design it and look at every meticulous detail, to your unique floral installation or display will add the extra artistic flair to your wedding or event, making it a highlight that everyone would be talking of.


Food & Beverage Styling & Installations

The famous saying goes “we eat with our eyes”. As planners and stylists, we enjoy styling and planning food for weddings, events to photo shoots. We make food and beverages look delectable, innovatively presented and appealing to the eyes. Whether it is for a wedding, event or for a photo shoot our experience helps showcase food and beverages in a creative, modern and innovative approach from a doughnut bar to quirky canapé wheels. It is a wonderful way to add appeal to your wedding or event, that will have your guests leave with an unforgettable experience.

For further information on the services listed above, say hello we would love to discuss how these creative features can be part of your day.

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